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 5th World Congress for Constitutional Justice

Bali, Indonesia, 4th – 7th October 2022


Congress Indonesia supports the World Congress for Constitutional Justice

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On the 4th-7th of October 2022 the World Conference on Constitutional Justice convened to hold its 5th Congress on the topic “Constitutional Justice and Peace” hosted by the Constitutional Court of Indonesia. It united 119 Constitutional Courts, Councils and Supreme Courts in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia/Oceania, and Europe.

World Conference on Constitutional Justice
World Conference on Constitutional Justice
World Conference on Constitutional Justice

Client’s Requirements:

Because the event is an international Congress, characterised by delegates from many different nations, the client needed a simultaneous interpretation solution that could; Facilitate 8 languages, host to work on-site, and distribute interpretation feeds to hundreds of delegates.

Congress' simultanious interpretation equipment
Simultanious interpretation equipment
Simultanious interpretation equipment

Our Solution:

A full end-to-end simultaneous interpretation solution that includes Audipack ISO-compliant soundproof booths equipped with Bosch Interpreter Desks, and Integrus Infrared receivers with headphones. Using this setup, throughout the room delegates could put on their headset, toggle to their desired language channel, and hear clear interpretation feeds. 


  • 7 x ISO Compliant Silent 9300 Soundproof Interpreter Booths

  • 515 x Integrus Infrared Receiver

  • 14 x DCN NG Interpreter Desk


​Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Indonesian.

Interpretation booths
Constitutional conference summit tables
Interpretation booths
Employees working in interpretation booth
Interpretation booths

Our Setup:

The setup varied throughout the multi-day event. On event day 1, we had six booths distributed throughout three rooms, with different language pairs for each session in each room. On event days 2-3, we had all seven booths set up in the main hall. This required a lot of rapid moving and reconfiguration of different setups in different spaces.

“The success of any event hinges on your ability to rapidly accommodate impromptu changes. This was particularly true during The 5th WCCJ.”


    - Paula Luciana, Event Producer


Interested in learning more about Simultaneous Interpretation for your next event?

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