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Audience Response and Polling

Our range of premium Audience Response Solutions makes it simple to create a seamless interactive experience for your delegates. Talk to one of our producers now to experience this for yourself.

Philippines' best Audience Response Solutions for Meetings and Events

Each of our Audience Response Solutions are tailored to the needs of your event or meeting. Our expert producers will work closely with you from pre-event planning through to post-event reporting to ensure that you achieve success. You also get maximum flexibility with the freedom to choose from four different hardware and software systems each with their own unique benefits. ​Our solutions have been used for education, quizzes, corporate training, market research, trivia game shows and AGMs. 

audience response devices

Organisations and brands from around the world love our Audience Response Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of a professional Audience Response System

You Choose The Device

You choose the device you would like your audience to use. We offer smartphone, tablet and simple numbered clicker solutions.

live audience polling results

Live Polling Results

We can display polling results to delegates in real-time to further enhance the interactivity and engagement.

audience response data reports

Informative Data Reports

We generate detailed data reports after your meeting or event, allowing you to gather rich insights from delegate responses.

audience response devices

Which Solution is Right for You?

Live Graph Results
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Data Reports
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Instant Start
Hover Info 3
Q&A with Moderation
Hover Info 4
Word Cloud
Hover Info 5
Powerpoint Compatible
Hover Info 6
Response Segmentation
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Keypad voting system
Smartphone voting system


​You design the questions, any way you like. We format the questions and results to match your needs.


During the Event

​You ask the audience a question.
They answer via clicker, webpage or app. The live poll, Q&A or word cloud then changes before your eyes.


Post Event

​We generate reports to help you analyse both quantitative and qualitative data from your event.

Getting the best Audience Response Solution for your event is simple:

1. We'll ask you for details about your event (i.e. types of questions asked, number of participants, reports you would like to generate...)

2. We work with you to create the best Audience Response Solution for your requirements.

3. Your delegates get to enjoy a more interactive meeting or event and you get the data you need.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional team with a track-record of delivering outstanding Audience Response Solutions. Complete the form to get started now.

Even more reasons to use a professional Audience Response System

  • Improve attentiveness and engagement

  • Engagement through the use of the audiences “own” data

  • Increase knowledge retention

  • Anonymous audience voting

  • Real-time response

  • Display polling results immediately

  • Create an interactive and fun learning environment

  • Confirm audience understanding of key points instantly

  • Speed up decision-making

  • Gather data for reporting and analysis

  • Lower your carbon footprint

  • Track individual responses, where required

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