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Silent Conference Systems

Philippines' Most Professional Silent Conferencing Solutions

​​Planning to host several breakouts in the same space? Thinking about running a small theatre in the middle of your exhibition? Whatever your vision is, make sure you give delegates the best possible experience. Our Infrared Silent Breakout Solution delivers up to 32 channels of crisp, high-quality digital audio straight to delegates' ears.​

Dicentis wireless conference microphone

Deliver stunning high-definition audio direct to delegates

Organisations and brands worldwide love our Silent Conference Systems

Looking for more information about Silent Conference?

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​Enjoy the benefits of seamless Silent Breakouts


Do More with Less


​Make the most of your space by hosting multiple speakers & presentations all in the same room without audio interference.


Drive Engagement


Maximise audience engagement by offering them a more dynamic, user-driven experience where they get to choose the most relevant content. 


Expert support and advice


​Our highly qualified staff will be there to guide and support you throughout the event planning and execution process.


Superior audio quality


​Our premium Bosch infrared audio system means that delegates always receive clear digital audio quality without interference.

How it works

​Our solution extracts presenter audio channels from the mixing desk, that would normally be fed into a traditional PA system, and connects this audio to our transmitters.

The transmitters send the audio channels together to our infrared radiators, which are placed around the room to provide the required coverage.

​The infrared signal is received by personal receivers distributed to delegates who are watching the presentations. Delegates can choose the channel that corresponds to the presentation they are interested in.

Getting the best Silent Conference System for your event is simple:

​1. We'll ask you for details about your meeting/event (i.e. number of delegates, number of breakouts, layout of the floor...)

2. We work with you to ensure that the silent conference solution meets your requirements.

3. Your delegates enjoy a seamless silent breakout experience with high-quality audio from speakers.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional team with a track-record of delivering outstanding solutions. Complete the form to get started now.

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