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Singapore International Cyber Week 2017


Creating a Bridge for International Cybersecurity

The third week of September 2017 saw the Singapore International Cyber Week come to life. With delegates attending from across the globe, the event was an important dialogue for nations to discuss international cyber security and the challenges that face an increasingly digital world. Among the events that were held throughout the week, the ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity was a significant highlight, providing government leaders across Asia a platform to discuss protection from cyber-attacks and regulations for the digital world.

Congress Rental Singapore was chosen to support the event, providing interpretation and event equipment throughout the three-day proceedings.
There were eight languages in total interpreted simultaneously using our Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment throughout. Languages included: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese.

Each set of interpreters were given separate soundproof ISO complainant booths for each of their corresponding dialogues. Throughout the three-day event, there were a total of 14 booths used across the venue.​ On the opening day of the conference the ASEAN leaders gathered to discuss the first dialogue regarding cybersecurity. To facilitate this meeting, Congress Rental provided each delegate with their own Bosch multimedia conference microphone. A total of 40 multimedia microphones were used, each providing delegates with the option to select their language via the touchscreen on the device.

Each set of interpreters spoke on a separate channel corresponding to their dialect. The audio feed was then distributed from the equipment inside the booth throughout the room via an Infrared signal produced by Bosch Integrus equipment. After selecting their language preference, each delegate could hear their dialect via the Bosch headphones, connected to the multimedia conference microphones.

An additional 40 delegates who were observing this session were also able to hear simultaneous interpretation by selecting the corresponding channel to their dialect on their Bosch Integrus receivers. Delegates were also able to see each speaker clearly, as the Bosch dome camera provided a 360-degree view of the u-shaped conference table. Each time each delegate pushed their microphone to speak, the 360-degree dome camera would move to focus on the speaker, displaying the video feed on the projectors at the front of the room.

​Over the following two days of the conference, the Congress Rental team continued to provide exceptional support for the cybersecurity dialogue. The interpretation equipment was set-up across two separate conference rooms, each with 7 interpreter booths, Bosch Dicentis wireless microphones and Integrus receivers for each delegate.

A total of 820 Integrus receivers were used to provide simultaneous interpretation to each attendee, to ensure each delegate attending had a full understanding of the current issues of today’s digital world. The Congress Rental Singapore team were able to provide a fantastic event service throughout the entire three days.

Our technicians ensured that each session ran efficiently and interference-free. In mapping each delegate’s location using Bosch software, our technicians were able to ensure that each speaker had the opportunity to speak and the dialogue flowed smoothly.

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