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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Your event in any language.
To audiences across the globe.

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

Are you an event organiser thinking about adding language support to a virtual event?
Are you an interpreter thinking about interpreting remotely but don’t know where to begin?
​Watch our video to learn more about our remote interpretation platform.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Benefits


Easy Integration

We incorporate interpretation into any style of meeting or event, using any streaming or conferencing platform.


Global Reach

Bring your event to delegates from all corners of the world in any language.


Cost Efficient

Save on travel costs for interpreters and delegates alike.


More Languages

Access to professional conference interpreters from anywhere in the world.


Our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions

Language Web Streaming

  • Stream large-scale events in multiple languages to delegates worldwide


  • Stable, high quality audio streams monitored by expert technicians


  • Simple integration with any streaming service

Boardroom Style Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Hold small boardroom sessions for delegates speaking different languages


  • Up to 6 simultaneous high definition video streams


  • Real-time, uninterrupted dialogue between delegates

Classroom Style Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Run a small Q&A format online session for up to 300 delegates


  • Organizers have total control of the event and who speaks


  • Automatic speaker 'hands up' queueing system prevents delegates from speaking over each other

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platforms

You need more than just a remote interpretation platform. you need expertise to ensure that the language interpretation service is of the highest quality. The key elements are:


Professional interpreter services – Access to a worldwide pool of high-quality, conference level interpreters.


Remote interpreters that are trained, trained, configured, checked, and tested.


A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform that is reliable and stable with many satisfied customers.​​


Professional engineers with experience in Simultaneous Interpretation platforms and technology.


A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation mobile app that is available on both Google Play and the Apple app store.


A company to partner with that provides a complete range of solutions including cloud-based, hardware-based, and hybrid interpretation solutions.


​​A remote interpretation platform that can be integrated with all video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft, Goto and Google.​

Our new eBook explores how to choose the right Remote Interpretation Solution.

If you would like to know more, you can download our eBook below.

The Congress Simultaneous Interpretation App​

  • Delegates can listen to interpretation via the app on their smartphone or on a laptop using our Remote Interpretation Platform


  • The app is available on both iOS and Android and is free to download

  • Delegates access the app using the unique event code

Remote interpretation platform smartphone app

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Case Study

technicians working at live event

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation - Case Study

  • Created a more engaging experience for an audience with four native languages.

  • All simultaneous interpreters were working from their home country, through the Congress Rental Remote Interpretation Platform.

  • Our expert technicians installed the solution and provided onsite and remote support to all remote interpreters and the onsite event team.

  • Interpretation was streamed to 1000 people through a hybrid FM solution in the venue.

  • All off-site delegates connected using the simultaneous interpretation app on their smartphone.

Who We've Worked With

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