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Nuskin 2018


  • Can you integrate "Hopin, ON24, Facebook Live etc." into my virtual event?"
    Since we have experience with most popular virtual event platforms, we can integrate your preferred platform with any other tools or functions you would like to implement into a single online production.
  • Can you provide production services for my hybrid event?
    Yes. We can provide both virtual and on-site support for hybrid events. We offer end-to-end production services for a seamless hybrid event by combining hardware, software, and technical expertise.
  • What if something goes wrong during my event?
    We implement a set of contingencies and redundancies for each of our virtual event projects to ensure that your event runs smoothly even if issues occur. These include support hotlines, backup recordings, 4G internet connections, and around the clock monitoring from our technical team. We can even implement a duplicate streaming studio in another location, depending on the project's scale.
  • Can you train our presenters and speakers?
    We can provide presenters and speakers with training before the event. We can also provide hardware and software checks as well as lighting and sound advice to ensure that they provide the best possible viewing and listening experience for attendees.
  • Do you produce small meetings?
    Yes, we can produce any size or style of online/hybrid event. From small board meetings held over Zoom to large hybrid conventions streamed to thousands of remote participants, we have the experience and expertise to ensure a seamless event.

Remote Interpretation: Interpret Your Event From Anywhere

Congress Rental utilised their new remote interpretation platform to provide interpretation for over 1000 people in at the Town Hall in Sydney.Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian interpreters located in their home locations provided the language interpretation for the event. Utilising the platform, the interpreters were able to conduct the interpretation via a laptop whilst watching a live stream of the event.

Congress Rental Australia installed and operated the entire event on-site, whilst providing remote support for each interpreter via the software. The interpretation channels were distributed live to delegates via FM receivers supplied and distributed by the client throughout the session. This was the first time the remote interpretation platform was used in Australia.

Planning & Preparation

For weeks prior to the event, Congress Rental began the planning and preparation. Four different languages were organised to be interpreted for the session: Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian. Each of these interpreters were located in a different country in the Asia Pacific, using local internet and laptop hardware for the remote interpretation.

Congress Rental worked with each interpreter to train them to use the remote interpretation platform, so that they would be competent and confident to use the software on the event day. The Congress Rental team also configured all the laptops for the event and ensured that the microphone quality of the interpreters was appropriate.

​Additionally, the team also tested each interpreter’s internet and computer speeds to ensure that they were adequate to run the software at optimal capacity. FM licensing for the four language channels was also organised with the appropriate Australian bodies.


Set-Up Day

The day before the event, the Congress Rental team installed and tested all necessary equipment for the conference. Seven laptops were prepared for the event: 

  • One per every language channel, used to stream the language channel of the interpreter to the FM channel, and remotely monitor the Interpreters laptop.

  • One streaming a live feed (vision & audio) of the event for the interpreters.

  • One used as a moderator to monitor and check the language channels. 

​The team set-up and tested each laptop with the remote interpretation platform to ensure a seamless event the following day. Outputs from each language channel were configured to the appropriate FM frequency via the FM transmission system. FM antennas were placed at the front of the room to transmit the language channels.

A HD camera was also situated at the front of the room toward to stage to provide the interpreters with a clear view of each speaker. The AV supplier gave Congress Rental an audio feed for the live streaming.

Event Day

The Nuskin Star Creator Trip invited employees that achieved significant sales targets to attend the conference in Australia. The event saw delegates fly in from various countries across the Asia Pacific, including China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Congress Rental was on-site throughout the entire event to operate and provide support for the remote interpretation system. One hour before the event, the team performed end to-end testing of the system with each of the interpreters to ensure the audio transmission was perfect.The Nuskin organisers distributed the FM receivers to each of the delegates and displayed the appropriate frequency for them to listen to the interpretation.

Throughout the event, each interpreter watched the live streaming of the event and simultaneously provided the interpreted language of the presenter’s speech from the same laptop. The audio output from the Mandarin interpreter was better, as they used high quality equipment provided by Congress Rental Singapore.

​Congress Rental provided constant monitoring of the interpreters, listening to each of the audio channels to adjust the levels and ensure no drop-outs. The event was a complete success, and the client was incredibly satisfied with the remote interpretation service.

We have worked with Congress Rental for some years and when we decided to use remote interpretation, they were our natural partner. The event went seamlessly and the quality of the interpretation was the same as if the interpreters were in the room”

 Senior Manager, Nuskin

Interested in learning more about Remote Interpretation for your next event? 

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