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Mastercard Global Risk Leadership Conference 2018


Communicating the Fraud Risk with Mastercard

Hundreds of delegates gathered in Nusa Dua from the 31st July – 1st of August in 2018 to attend the Mastercard Global Risk Leadership Conference. The conference served as an informative forum for delegates to learn about the latest tool for minimising fraud risk and maximising their profitability. Congress Rental Indonesia was chosen to provide simultaneous interpretation equipment for the event. There were two languages interpreted for the event; Mandarin and Japanese.

Two soundproof interpreter booths were installed in the room next door to the ballroom as there was not enough space to install them at the back of the room. Congress Rental worked with the AV team to provide a remote audio and video feed of the event next door, and transmitted the visual feed onto the 22” Vision monitors inside the interpreter booths.

This visual feed was incredibly important for the interpreters, as they need to be able to see the speaker’s body language to provide accurate interpretation. The Congress Rental team then set up Bosch equipment to distribute the signal of the interpretation to the delegates next door. The delegates were all strategically placed in the one area so that minimal equipment would be needed to distribute the signal. 

Congress Rental technicians worked with the hotel staff to distribute the 60 interpretation headsets to the tables so that the headsets would be ready to use once the event had commenced. Over the two days, the Congress Rental team guaranteed that the event was seamless, ensuring that there was always a technician on-site to operate. The event was a complete success and the client was incredibly impressed with the service that Congress Rental had provided.

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