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Professional Conference Interpreters

We source conference interpreters from around the world so that you can find the best one for your needs and budget. Gain access to a global network of professionals and find the best interpreters for any language combination or subject matter.


Access to a network of world-class conference interpreters

Fully trained

​Fully trained

The professional interpreters we work with are all put through a rigorous training program to ensure that our clients get only the best on the day of their event.

Highly accredited

​​Highly accredited

​We do all of the research and vetting so that you don't have to. Our network contains only the most qualified professional interpreters from across the world.

Subject matter experts

​Subject matter experts

​Our professional interpreters are experts at learning new subject matter and industry jargon quickly and efficiently to deliver flawless interpretation at your event.

Quality assurance

​Quality assurance

We monitor and evaluate all aspects of our professional interpreters - from the equipment they use to their internet connection and even their working environment.

Organisations and brands love our simultaneous interpretation solutions

Finding the right Simultaneous Conference Interpreter has never been simpler

1. Tell us the language combinations you need
What languages does your event need? Are there any specific regional dialects that need to be accounted for?

2. Tell us more details about your event
How long will your event run for? What topics will your event cover? Is there any industry-specific jargon interpreters should watch out for?

3. We pick the best interpreters for you
We will search our network to find professional interpreters that best meet the needs of your event. You get to decide which interpreters to use

Congress does not provide community interpreters

Let us help you find the best Interpreters

Book a quick discussion with one of our producers about your needs.

Looking for a complete simultaneous interpretation solution?

Conference microphones in use at summit

​Our Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment brings crisp, digital-quality interpretation audio to delegates via a wireless, infrared connection. Our complete solutions deliver language being spoken on the floor to interpreters in sound-proof booths for instant interpretation. The interpretation is then broadcasted to delegates for a smoother multilingual experience, with minimal delay between the presenter speaking and the interpreted audio being heard.

We use only the best, industry-leading equipment, with top-class, end-to-end, production and services to match. Our producers work collaboratively with clients to tailor the best simultaneous  interpretation solution for their meeting or event.

Organisations and brands love our simultaneous interpretation solutions

CODEX logo

 Usha Sriram-Prasad - Codex International Standards - Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

"Having you and your team onsite for assistance with the simultaneous interpretation requirements as well as navigating the Zoom platform was invaluable. The provision of technical services for our first virtual meeting met our expectations and the team you provided was extremely experienced, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and services to other potential clients."

IFOAM logo

Nuria Alonso Suarez - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

​"I would like to thank you on behalf of IFOAM Organics Europe for the work you have done in this event, both in making possible the interpretation and in the back end. I would like you to transmit this also to the interpreters themselves and all the tech people that was in the back-end."

SCAR logo

 Steven Chown - Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

​“I would like to thank Congress Rental for their flexibility, professionalism, and the level of support they gave to our XXXVI SCAR Delegates' Meeting 2021. The Congress team made it so easy for us, by stepping us through all the options available, guiding us on the best solutions to meet our requirements. The level of communication in the lead up and during the event was excellent...”

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