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G20 Brisbane Australia 2015


15-16 November 2015

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland Parliament House and The Queensland Art Gallery.

Sourced from Congress Rental in Australia, supported by Congress Rental in Singapore and other CRN companies in Austria, Slovenia, South Africa, Greece and Switzerland


  • 45 Interpreter booths, of which 6 booths were 3 person Booths

  • 106 Interpreter Desks

  • 150 Wireless Conference Microphones

  • 241 Wired Conference Microphones

  • 64 High Powered Radiators

  • 28 Central Control Units

  • 1600 Receivers and Headphones

  • 21 Bosch HD Domes

  • 5 Integrated switching Dome and Microphone systems

  • 18 Highly Skilled Operators and a further 6 Support Staff.

Time Frame
The Contract was granted just 6 weeks prior to the event, so the short time frames were a significant challenge. The amount of equipment used throughout the week was extensive.

The Retreat - Queensland Parliament House
Held on the morning of Saturday 15 November. 20 Wireless Conference Microphones, 4 Dome Cameras mounted and then hung from Gallery above the room.

15 Booths of Remote Interpretation with fibre link between the rooms. Digital Infra-red radiators mounted in the gallery above the meeting room, provided a cable free environment in this heritage listed building.

The Dinner - Queensland Art Gallery
Held on the evening of Saturday the 15 of November. This event setup did not start until 6pm on Thursday 13 November and needed to be complete, tested and checked within 18 hours. 34 Wireless Conference Microphones and Digital Infra-red Receivers provided a clean look and feel to the venue. 15 Interpretation booths in an adjacent gallery provided remote interpretation. A senior delegates viewing and listening room was located in a 3rd gallery.

The Lunch - Sky Room
A very short changeover was planned, where the plenary meeting moved to the lunch meeting. The audio and vision to and from the Interpreters booths needed to be re-assigned. The Lunch meeting Room had 34 Wireless Conference Microphones with 4 Bosch HD dome cameras and infra-red radiators located in the ceiling. This provided the room with a clean appearance with no cable visible to delegates.

In addition to the Leaders meetings there were many other meetings including a Finance Ministers Meeting and B20 Meeting. This room had 34 Wired Microphones, 3 dome cameras and language support from the Interpreter booths.

The booths were located remotely. Interpreters were provided head and shoulders view of delegate speaking and overview of room. 4 Domes allowed dedicated view of chairman and automatic switching of other 3 dome cameras to delegate speaking. Queuing software allowed chairman to see a list of delegates wishing to speak and select them as desired.

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