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Edwards Lifesciences Global Conference 2019


  • Can you integrate "Hopin, ON24, Facebook Live etc." into my virtual event?"
    Since we have experience with most popular virtual event platforms, we can integrate your preferred platform with any other tools or functions you would like to implement into a single online production.
  • Can you provide production services for my hybrid event?
    Yes. We can provide both virtual and on-site support for hybrid events. We offer end-to-end production services for a seamless hybrid event by combining hardware, software, and technical expertise.
  • What if something goes wrong during my event?
    We implement a set of contingencies and redundancies for each of our virtual event projects to ensure that your event runs smoothly even if issues occur. These include support hotlines, backup recordings, 4G internet connections, and around the clock monitoring from our technical team. We can even implement a duplicate streaming studio in another location, depending on the project's scale.
  • Can you train our presenters and speakers?
    We can provide presenters and speakers with training before the event. We can also provide hardware and software checks as well as lighting and sound advice to ensure that they provide the best possible viewing and listening experience for attendees.
  • Do you produce small meetings?
    Yes, we can produce any size or style of online/hybrid event. From small board meetings held over Zoom to large hybrid conventions streamed to thousands of remote participants, we have the experience and expertise to ensure a seamless event.

Congress Rental Indonesia supports LNCT Network Wide Meeting

Edwards Lifesciences is an American medical equipment company specialising in artificial heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. The Grand Hyatt Bali welcomed delegates from China and Japan for the 2019 Edward Lifesciences Global Conference. The two-day event was supported by Congress Rental’s Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) Equipment System.

The plenary sessions began in the Grand Ballroom which was later divided into three sections to support seminars during the day. Meetings were also held in three separate breakouts. The Tabanan Room was fitted with one booth, the Karangasem Room held two, and the Bangli room with one tabletop booth.

Congress Rental does not usually recommend using table-top booths as they are not soundproof and can be distracting to others. In this case, it was suited to the client’s requests and the room layout. The client sourced interpreters from Japan and China. 

The Client controlled receiver management by scanning and matching the delegates ID with the labelled receivers. This process was beneficial for the client and Congress Rental as there were no lost Bosch receivers. Three Congress Rental Technicians were on-site to support the plenary, breakouts and interpreters. This guaranteed that if any issue arose, it would be attended to before attendees became aware. 



Before the event, Congress Rental conducted a site visit. The team became aware of the lack of space for the interpretation booths within the plenary. Booths are usually positioned level with the stage but in this case were more suited to the second level balcony. Interpreters also required an LED screen for a clear view of the presentations. The Hyatt commented that the end presentation of the SI System was inconspicuous yet effectively functional within their Grand Ballroom.  

​The event was a success for Congress Rental and the client gave his thanks to our team for their excellent service and presentation.  

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