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ASEAN 3RD Coast Guard Forum

Davao City, Philippines, 4 - 7 June, 2024


Congress Rental Supports the ASEAN 3RD Coast Guard Forum

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From June 4 to 7, ASEAN held its Coast Guard Forum Commanders Meeting in Davao. This forum focused on reviewing the progress of cooperative activities and foundational documents within the ASEAN Coast Guard Forum (ACF). 


Attendees included representatives from the Coast Guard and Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Lao People's Democratic Republic participated as an observer.

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Our Solution:

To facilitate effective communication among the diverse attendees, Congress Rental employed a sophisticated remote interpretation system complemented by onsite participant integration. This setup was crucial in breaking down language barriers and enabling all participants to engage fully in discussions and presentations.

Interpreters operated using the Zoom platform and were stationed remotely across three countries: Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They monitored live streams of the presentations on their laptops and delivered simultaneous interpretations, ensuring that every delegate could understand and participate in the discussions in their native language.

Each delegate utilised a BOSCH Integrus IR receiver and accompanying BOSCH headphones. These devices are known for their excellent audio quality and reliability, ensuring clear and uninterrupted transmission of interpreted audio. The IR receivers are lightweight and ergonomically designed, making them comfortable for extended use during long sessions. With multiple channels, delegates could easily switch to their preferred language, facilitating real-time comprehension and engagement.


To capture the live presentations, we employed the Panasonic HE40, a high-quality PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera renowned for its exceptional video quality and versatility. The HE40 features advanced imaging technologies, including a high-sensitivity sensor and powerful zoom capabilities, ensuring clear and detailed video capture even in low-light conditions. The camera's PTZ functionality allowed for dynamic and flexible event coverage, seamlessly tracking speakers and providing delegates with an immersive visual experience. The HE40's integration into our setup ensured that remote interpreters had a clear and stable video feed, which is critical for accurate and effective interpretation.​​

To integrate and manage the various audio and visual components, we utilised Dante, an industry-leading audio networking technology system. Dante's flexibility enabled us to scale our audio network easily, accommodating additional interpreters and participants without compromising audio quality. The platform's redundancy and low-latency performance features ensured that there was minimal delay in audio transmission, allowing for real-time uninterrupted interpretation and interaction. Dante's user-friendly interface and configuration tools facilitated easy setup and management of the audio network, reducing the potential for technical issues.

Our meticulous approach to interpretation technology and support not only facilitated smooth communication but also enriched the overall experience for all participants. By overcoming language barriers, the event fostered meaningful exchanges, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among ASEAN nations, furthering regional cooperation and integration.

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Planning and Preparation:

The Congress Rental team arrived on-site a day before the event to ensure the smooth operation of the conference. We installed and tested all necessary equipment, allowing ample time to address any potential technical issues and ensure everything was functioning correctly.


By investing time and resources in thorough planning, training, and technical setup, Congress Rental demonstrated its commitment to delivering a seamless and high-quality remote interpretation experience. This proactive approach mitigated potential technical challenges and empowered interpreters to convey the event's content effectively, enhancing overall accessibility and inclusivity.

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Clients Vision:

Congress Rental was engaged to facilitate effective communication among attendees speaking different languages through our remote interpretation system. The client's vision was to create an inclusive environment where language differences did not hinder meaningful dialogue and collaboration. 


By providing high-quality interpretation services, Congress Rental aimed to support the client's goal of fostering a cohesive and integrated regional community. The seamless communication enabled by our services was intended to enhance the effectiveness of the forum, promoting mutual understanding and cooperative efforts among ASEAN member states.




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Unique Challenges:

The ASEAN Coast Guard Forum Commanders Meeting posed several unique challenges that required careful planning and execution.

Multilingual Coordination:

The event required interpretation in four different languages: Thai, Khmer, English, and Vietnamese.


Congress Rental coordinated interpreters from different countries within the Asia Pacific region, ensuring linguistic diversity and expertise. This involved selecting interpreters with proficiency in both the source and target languages and scheduling their sessions according to the forum’s agenda.


Remote Interpretation Logistics:

Each interpreter was located in a different country, necessitating coordination across multiple time zones and logistical considerations.


We employed advanced scheduling tools to manage the time differences effectively, ensuring that interpreters were available at the required times. Regular communication and briefing sessions were held to align all interpreters with the event's schedule and requirements.

Technical Setup and Connectivity:

Ensuring a stable and high-quality audio and video feed for remote interpreters was critical.


Our team meticulously configured all laptops, microphones, and cameras, verifying their quality to guarantee optimal audio transmission. Backup systems were also established to address any potential connectivity issues, ensuring uninterrupted interpretation services.


Real-Time Technical Support:
Providing immediate technical support during the event to address any issues promptly.


An on-site technical support team was available throughout the forum to assist with any technical problems. This ensured that any issues were resolved quickly, maintaining the smooth flow of the event.


The ASEAN Coast Guard Forum Commanders Meeting showcased Congress Rental's capability to facilitate effective multilingual communication through remote interpretation systems. The strategic planning, rigorous training, and meticulous technical setup ensured that the event ran smoothly and that delegates could engage in meaningful dialogue despite language barriers.


By overcoming the logistical challenges of coordinating interpreters across different time zones and ensuring high-quality audio transmission, Congress Rental succeeded in delivering a seamless interpretation experience. This contributed significantly to the forum's goal of fostering regional cooperation and integration among ASEAN nations.


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