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ASEAN Leaders Laos 2016


The ASEAN Leaders meetings were held in Vientiane In Laos on the 6, 7 & 8 September 2016 ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, was established in 1967 and has 10 member states, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia. Hosted each year by a different country, member states meet at administrative and ministerial level, culminating in the Leaders meetings. 

At the leader’s meetings,there are many sub-meetings, the ASEAN leaders also met with the leaders of USA, China, Korea, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand& United Nations. For this meeting culminating in the 11th East Asia Summit. 

​Congress Rental Ptd Ltd in Singapore won a contract with the Singapore government to provide Interpretation Equipment for the event. This was further extended by the Laos Government to include all the Conference Microphones, Dome Cameras, Audio, Vision and LED walls required for the event. The event was held at the Laos National Convention Centre (NCC) in Vientiane. ​

Area of Responsibility

Congress Rental was responsible for the 3 main meeting rooms and excluded the opening and closing ceremony. In these rooms there were 20 high level leader’s meetings held over 3 days, requiring many room changes and re-configurations. Planning with the Laos Ministry allowed the significant room changes to be undertaken overnight and the smaller changes to be easily implemented through planning the layout of the rooms. Equipment and staff were sourced from the Congress Rental Network Partners to provide a complete solution for the client.

Room 2 – The 28th ASEAN Summit (Plenary)

​​Held on the 6 September. Just 11 Multi-media Conference Microphones were required, 2 Dome Cameras, floor mounted in the centre of the round table, 12 Audipack booths and Digital Infra-red radiators along with 200 Receivers.


Room 2 – The 11th East Asia Summit (Plenary)

​​Held on the 8 September. 18 Multi-media Conference Microphones were required, 2 Dome Cameras, floor mounted in the centre of the round table, 12 Audipack booths and Digital Infra-red radiators along with 300 Receivers.

Room 3 – ASEAN Interface with Parliamentary Assembly

​Held on the 6th September. Dicentis Wireless Microphones were chosen to facilitate a fast changeover in this room. In this room were 12 booths and 200 Receivers, with Radiators on the roof of the booths to maximise floor space in the room.


Room 3 – ASEAN Meets Countries Meetings

​These meetings were held over the 3 days, with each country visiting the ASEAN hosts and discussing topics of mutual interest. Between 12 and 16 Multimedia Microphones were required dependant on the meeting attendees. 2 Dome Cameras in the centre of the hollow square table were used to capture images transmitted to a remote viewing room along with audio on ALL language channels.


Room 4 - 29th ASEAN Summit Retreat

​Held on the 7th September. This event required a Lounge Chair setup, to enable the leaders to relax. So Wireless Dicentis Microphones with 450mm Long stems were Implemented to guarantee the highest quality audio along with the greatest comfort for leaders. In this room were 11 booths and 200 Receivers.


Senior Officials Viewing Room

​Audio in all languages and Video from all three rooms needed to be shown in a viewing room. This was made particularly difficult due to the distances involved and on a limitation that cables could not be visible in public areas. So with forward planning, knowledge and expertise, this tricky task was managed.

​Another key part of the viewing room, was ensuring the correct holding slide, correct vision and correct audio where showing at the correct time, since the meeting rooms were in continuous use and at times working in parallel.



​In each of the rooms, we had dedicated staff for the management of Receivers. Making sure delegates knew how to use them and tidying up after each session. 

Behind the Scenes​

​​A lot of work goes on behind the scenes for an event like this. There was contribution of equipment and staff from Congress Rental Network Companies Numthip in Thailand, AV Image from Malaysia, Congress Rental Australia. Dorier Thailand also supported with Audio, Vision and LED Walls.

"From the moment I met the Congress Rental team, I knew I was in safe hands as I knew they had experience from previous ASEAN summits. From the start, they were able to advise me on the best way forward for room configurations, layouts and changeovers and I found their collaboration with me invaluable. Throughout the lead up and during the event they kept me fully informed on what was happening allowing me to focus on the protocol aspects of the event. 

The Bosch equipment was in immaculate condition and felt brand new. The team themselves are well presented polite and knowledgeable. The whole event went absolutely perfectly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Congress Rental for future ASEAN events." 

Khambou Thammavong, Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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