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With COVID-19 looming large, everyone is thinking about alternatives to live, face-to-face events. Many have already shifted to using online solutions to reach their international delegates. Ranging from online streams for large talks and presentations, to video conferencing for meetings requiring delegate interaction, these solutions are a great alternative to live events in the face of the global pandemic. However, these solutions become less viable for events requiring multi-language support.

How would interpretation fit into a video conferencing or ​online streaming event without feeling like an afterthought?

Congress Rental can now support any video conference platform and provide multi-language functionality using our remote interpretation solutions. Our solutions fully integrate with platforms to provide a seamless, high quality listening experience for international delegates. These solutions include:

  • Congress Remote Seminar: For one speaker talking to many listeners in a one-way video stream, such as with online events, lectures, seminars. Listeners can use live chat for either public or private interaction with other listeners and the speaker.

  • Congress Remote Meeting: For small meetings with up to 6 delegates speaking, such as online workshops or professional meetings. Speakers can freely speak, mute, or unmute their audio and video broadcasts and can speak freely into the platform for interpretation. Unlimited number of listeners

  • Congress Remote Classroom: For mid-sized meetings that require audience interaction with up to 100 participants, with Q&A sessions or larger workshops. Just as the name implies, the event is controlled by a "teacher" or chairperson who manages the people able to broadcast, can mute, or unmute speakers and even log them out. ​.


How does it work?

  • We take a feed from your video conferencing platform.

  • We insert the feed into our system so the interpreters can see and hear the activity on the video conference.

  • Delegates then use our smartphone app to listen to the language of their choice.

Our expert technicians are an integral part of our solution and will be on standby during this process to ensure the audio quality remains high and streams remain continuous. ​

Our Remote Interpretation solution is ready to integrate with all video conferencing platforms including:

  • Skype

  • Skype for Business

  • Google Hangouts

  • Microsoft Teams

  • WebEx

  • AnyMeeting

  • MegaMeeting

  • GoToMeeting

  • Bluejeans

  • Zoom

  • ON24

In conclusion, when looking at remote alternatives to live events during the COVID-19 epidemic, it is essential to consider integrations with interpretation for international delegates. For this, the Congress Remote Platform offers a number of unique alternatives that cover all kinds of events from small boardroom meetings, to large scale events with thousands of remote delegates. Furthermore, the platform is ready to integrate with any video conferencing or streaming platform. So, if you are currently assessing your alternatives, now is the time to consider Congress Rental remote interpretation. Contact us to learn how we can help you integrate interpretation into your remote event


Interested in learning more about any of our solutions?

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