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What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

Adding any language to your virtual event has never been as streamlined as it is today. Remote simultaneous interpretation is a solution that merges delegates, professional interpreters, presenters, expert technicians, cutting-edge interpretation equipment, and the platform of your choice. The result is an incredibly refined experience that adds any language to your event in real-time.

But my chosen platform already has built-in interpretation capabilities.

​You may already have plans to use a traditional video conferencing platform such as Zoom to host your virtual event or meeting, and want to integrate languages into it. This is where a professional language integrations team can help you take the difficulty out of adding languages to your chosen platform.

A language integrations team will help you conquer the challenging aspects of language integrations including:​

  • Sourcing qualified interpreters

  • Screening their qualifications

  • Training interpreters for the event

  • Ensuring their equipment and internet connection is up to standard

  • Offering live support to overcome technical challenges

Hiring an experienced team allows you to focus on hosting stunning multilingual virtual events.

video conference

Let's consider how your Zoom meeting could benefit from a Congress Rental professional RSI solution.

  • Our language integration solution works with any of the existing video-conferencing and virtual-event platforms. Simply tell us which platform you would like to use, and we will seamlessly integrate languages into it.

  • ​Congress Rental's language production team will help you source, screen, train, and check the hardware of interpreters. We provide fully trained professional interpreters using hardware and software configured, checked, and tested to maintain accuracy and ensure reliability.​​

  • We provide live technical support via our in-house professional production team to mitigate any potential challenges.

  • ​We offer an unlimited number of languages, allowing you to expand from Zoom's nine default and only five custom options.

  • We offer a customisable set of functions to suit your virtual event's needs, including relay interpretation, interpreter partner chat, interpreter handover, among others.

  • We provide uncompressed, low-latency audio feeds, ensuring higher quality audio with a shorter period of delay.

  • We actively work to prevent connection issues and downtime through extensive testing, ensuring interpreters' hardware and internet connections are prepared for the event, and setting up hardware redundancies.

Using a professional RSI solution, your event can employ a range of languages and expand its audience while maintaining your original message's accuracy and reliability. With over 20 years of excellence in language solutions, Congress Rental can provide you with a premium end-to-end RSI solution tailored to your event. Talk to one of our producers about what languages you would like to add and get started with your event today.

Talk to us about what your multilingual video conference​ needs and our producers will help you bring your vision to life.


Interested in learning more about any of our solutions?

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