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Australia's Leading Supplier of Interpretation Equipment


Our goal is to ensure a perfect customer experience. We provide the best Bosch Interpretation equipment (translation system equipment), Audipack booths and industry-experienced staff, trained and certified through Bosch. Our company aims to provide a quality solution for your Congress, Conference, Event or Installation.

We are Australia's leading and largest supplier of simultaneous conference interpretation equipment (translation system equipment) rental services. We have operated successfully in Australia (1975) and Singapore (2005) and provide our services throughout Asia. We use the latest equipment and continually invest in new systems and technologies.


We want your Interpretation Equipment (translation system equipment) experience to be the best ever. We will guide you through the options available and advise you which interpreters best fit your requirement. We will plan your event with attention to detail and deliver it flawlessly, always communicating and keeping you informed. Each of our services come with the experience backed by our other operations, including silent conferences and providing tour guide audio systems.

Interpreters are key to providing a successful Simultaneous Interpretation (Simultaneous Translation) Service. Learn more about interpreters, how to source Interpreters and how Congress Rental supports them.


Indoor and Outdoor Interpretation Equipment 


Our interpretation equipment can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. Our technicians will carefully assess your event location and determine a successful set-up to ensure your event is seamless and error-free.

Read about one of our outdoor simultaneous interpretation equipment events.


Interpretation Booths


Congress Rental Interpretation booths are the only ones that are truly ISO4043 compliant. Our soundproof certification testing shows that they meet the soundproof standards. These booths are always supplied with fans in the roof that provide the required amount of air circulation. Interpreters love our soundproof booths!




Our receivers are digital, which ensures that they are 100% interference-free, guaranteeing every channel has perfect audio.


We can guarantee that we will be able to use each channel from Channel 1 through to Channel 32 consecutively, 'following one after another without interruption', and without noise or interference. If you consider an alternative supplier who does not have Bosch Integrus Digital, they can't make the same promise.


We stopped using analogue technology over five years ago! It is outdated technology, susceptible to lighting and other ambient noise sources. It does not have the same quality as the Bosch Digital Receivers. We know the pitfalls and problems.


Each receiver has a built-in signal detector. We use this to test the room to ensure that coverage is perfect throughout the room. We do this prior to the delegates arriving, so we know that the signal in the room is perfect for every delegate, wherever they sit. Each receiver requires headphones that easily connect to a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket. Learn more about our headphone options here.


Receiver Management


We offer receiver management free of charge with events under 50 receivers. The Congress Rental team will hand out and collect all receivers, and wrap each individual headphone.

We also provide an option to cable-tie each receiver to a chair to avoid any losses.


Our Radiators


Our Radiators are 25 watts. This means that you get the largest coverage with the least number of radiators. We guarantee the coverage, as we carefully calculate the number of radiators required based on the number of channels and area to be covered.

We mount the radiators on stands for most conferences. However, if there is no room for the stand, or if you would like to remove them for aesthetic purposes, they can be mounted from a truss.


The radiators have a “delay switch” on the rear. It is adjusted to compensate for cable lengths. A trained technician is required to calculate and set this to ensure the optimum performance of all radiators in a system. Click here for more technical information on our radiators and other infrared equipment.



Complete solutions for Conference Interpreting



Congress Rental makes the process of adding Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (translation system equipment) to a conference or meeting straightforward. We are specialists in this field and can advise you on all aspects relating to Simultaneous Interpretation. Our liaison with your designated venue is seamless as we have previously installed in most venues.


We interface with your audio-visual company, and we manage all areas of service – bump in, installation, operation and bump out – in consultation with you, and without the need for supervision. We also manage the freight including duties, customs, carnet’s, and local delivery.


Congress Rental also undertakes detailed project management for all projects, ensuring they remain stress-free for clients. An example of this is our policy of sending equipment to distant venues at least two days before it is required, thereby eliminating possible freight problems.


Congress Rental is a specialist provider of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (translation system equipment) and will ensure successful Interpretation for your event.



Additional Information on translation system equipment


Congress Rental rent and supply simultaneous interpretation equipment (translation equipment). This can be provided in two parts:


  1. Interpreting services or interpreter services

  2. Simultaneous interpretation equipment (translation system equipment) or interpreter equipment.


There is often confusion between translators and interpreters, whereby people say “simultaneous translators” when they mean “simultaneous interpreters”. For clarity, translation is the language conversion of written word and interpretation is the language conversion of the spoken word.


Professional interpreter and language interpreting is a specialist skill and with conference interpreting it is important to find a professional conference interpreter, sometimes known as conference translators. These professional interpreters can be found either directly or through an interpretation agency or company.​


The interpreters sit in Congress Rental’s soundproof booths sometimes called translation booths. Inside the booth, they sit in front of an interpretation desk also known as an Idesk or an Interpreter console. The conference interpreter will then put on their interpretation headset (translation headset). Sometimes interpretation headsets also include a microphone, but better systems have the interpreter microphone separate from the interpreter headphones (translation headphones).


The professional conference interpreter (conference translator) audio output is then routed through the interpretation equipment (translation system equipment) through to the interpretation transmitter (translation transmitter) which then is connected to the infrared radiators in the conference room where the conference interpretation is required. Delegates requiring Simultaneous Interpretation (simultaneous translation) will wear a simultaneous interpretation receiver (simultaneous translation receiver) and select their language of choice.


If a simultaneous interpretation system (simultaneous translation system) is required, Congress Rental is the company you should choose to provide that Interpretation equipment (translating system equipment) using interpreter booths (translation booths), interpretation receivers (translation receivers) and language interpretation (language Translation) from Professional Conference Interpreters.

FM Transmission


Software Monitoring


Infrared Equipment

Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions







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